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Integral Yoga® Teachers Training Beginners Level 1

The Integral Yoga® Teachers Training Beginners Level 1 is designed for dedicated students with a year’s experience of attending IY classes regularly. Other students with less than a year’s experience may be accepted upon the recommendation from their IY teacher. Students considering joining Teacher training need to have a good foundation of practicing Hatha Yoga to their personal level (level 1 and above) and should be familiar with the basic structure of IY. Students are also asked to acknowledge the fact that IY was founded and based on the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj.

The course is designed for those who are interested in deepening their own understanding and practice of yoga as well as wanting to teach Integral Yoga®. The course provides a wonderful opportunity for students interested in leading a more spiritual life or for those who want to gain some degree of mastery and control over undesirable habits and thought patterns. The course enables students to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually leading to experience of greater contentment, health, happiness and peace.

As students develop they begin to acquire a deepening sense of service, dedication and compassion and a desire to share what they have and are learning and experiencing to humanity becoming channels for Sri Swami Satchidananda’s teachings.

IY UK Training Course Outline

* 10 month Course ( 240 hours contact and 300 non contact hours)

* One foundation day

* 9 weekend sessions & Satsang

* A Weekend Retreat

* Home Study & assignments

* Personal Practice & Weekly classes

In addition to the training days students are required to attend at least one Integral Yoga® Hatha class per week, (where possible) & satsangs once a month. There is home study and a personal practice, which is encouraged and nurtured over the year and a quarter so we really start to apply the teachings into daily living to ground ourselves in this experience.

From about the 2nd/3rd month students are required to start teaching in classes. The Students then receive full monitoring and feedback on their teaching practice.

Students are required to give at least one presentation to the training group. The presentations are to test their understanding of the various aspects of yoga and their teaching and presentation skills. Presentations are set as essays / projects and use of props and handouts are encouraged to make their presentation lively and personal. For the presentations notes may be used. When it comes to teaching Hatha however, students are required to learn the instructions by heart.

There are several written feedback assignments during the course all informal for the student to assess where improvements are necessary. For the final exams there are three formal written feedback classes consisting of general knowledge, hatha yoga and raja yoga and a practical exam of teaching a complete Integral Yoga® Hatha Yoga Beginner Level 1 class. Emphasis is on comprehensive understanding and sensitivity to the art of teaching yoga rather than academic prowess. Evaluations are based on all aspects of teaching yoga; from appropriate use of intonation to correct instruction.


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Along with learning to teach the IY Hatha Level 1 class and learning the foundation of Raja Yoga, the course enables the student also to practice and teach pranayama, meditation, mudras, kriyas, yogic diet, fasting and nutrition. The students also learn anatomy and physiology, how to look after their own students, how to prepare a suitable environment, how to deal with advertising and setting up classes. In addition to the physical, theoretical and professional aspects a large part of the course is designed to enable the students to grow spiritually. Spiritual diaries, called sadhana journals, are kept weekly to jot down experiences, progress and any obstacles students may face along with how they are managing the integration of the teaching into their daily lives.

Fully qualified IY teachers are asked not to smoke, drink alcohol or eat meat and to work and live as a good example, spiritually and ethically of Integral Yoga®. This allows them to use the words INTEGRAL YOGA® and to publicise their classes as such. If a teacher prefers not to follow these lifestyle guidelines they cannot use the INTEGRAL YOGA® name but may state that they are Integral Yoga® trained

A comprehensive set of books is provided with the course as well as the full IY Hatha Level 1 Manual. Appointed IY Trainers and staff will be available throughout the year to support and mentor student as needed. Once the student has completed the course and successfully passed the final assessment they will be eligible to join the INTEGRAL YOGA® TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (IYTA), which will provide them with updates on all teaching matters as well as allow them to actively participate in the International IY teachers forum. The IYTA also enters their details into a teachers directory. After completion of the course the newly certified IY teacher will have covered the requisite hours to also become a member of the Yoga Alliance – based in the USA. All Integral Yoga® Teachers are eligible for a 40% discount from IY Distribution (Books, tapes, yoga mats etc.)

Cost Of the Training:



To register for the program you need to send in your completed application form (obtained by request ) together with a recommendation by your current IY teacher. If your application is successful you will need to pay a £500 non-refundable deposit. The cost of the course is £1400 and will only run when we have 10 students. The cost includes all tuition, books and manuals needed for the course and certification.

Students need their own

  • Yoga mat and blanket
  • Meditation cushion/stool
  • Set of modest white clothing suitable for teaching and presentations
  • Writing pads and pens
  • On training days students will bring vegetarian food for a shared lunch.

Wishing you good health, happiness and true peace always

Om Shanti

Raghavan & Siva

Teacher Trainers

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