Taking Asana Deeper

 In Asana

Anatomical alignment is the first stage in finding depth and the teachings of comfort and steadiness are paramount in finding a deeper and stiller inner experience.  Huffing and puffing in asana isn’t really conducive to a deeper opening.  We may have to look into ourselves to see if we have a belief system driving us that more is better, or if it doesn’t feel like it’s working us hard then we are not getting the benefit. The body is to be treated kindly, with great love and care.  I wouldn’t approach an asana from the position of ‘what I can get from this shape’  I’d recommend approaching it from the perspective ‘ what does the body ask for here?  What creates space?  What feels good?  Let’s approach a challenge and a tight spot slowly, like entering a familiar place as if for the first time and with our eyes wide open.  To be willing to actually look.  How to develop the capacity to look?  Thats a good question.  Like the zen painter who looks at the tree for three days before lifting the brush.  To stand on the mat before the first pose already with love in the heart, a dedication to be open and to listen.  To be willing to trust your own experience.  To explore; and to use the knowledge of others who have trodden on the path;  and then to find your own voice.