In Meditation

If meditation is approached through an effort to manipulate the current experienced, though a technique orientated practice may have its uses, it won’t lead necessarily to the recognition of the primordial natural state.  Its an interesting one, because the drive to meditate may well have come from a sense of being all over the place, too busy or uneasy with what the mind is producing.  Attempts to meditate may well then be a drive to change the inner experience more conducive  to a more restorative one.  I can see the use of this and for a while it might produce a sense of relief and rest.  In my experience though the student remains dependent on certain inner conditions in which a sense of ease is experienced, and if those are not the conditions which are always playing out, the student may get onto a merry go round of trying to re- create these experiences again and again with the view that these are what they are looking for.  A sense of peace then becomes dependent on certain inner environments the student may or may not be able to conjure.  To see that there is a state that doesn’t need the mind to be different would really end the war with the inner state.