A mature relationship with the body

 In Asana

In this post I want to start to explore a way of relating to the body that occurs BEFORE we add any thoughts, ideas, principles or needs onto it.  To be with the expression of the body, fully and with attention.  The maturity is just to be with the body.  Not to look for answers, or make conclusions, or work out what is wrong and how to fix it.  Not to try to solve difficult feelings.  Not to use it as a technique to hide, or to get rid of.  To provide a maturity where there is openness to all that flows through.  In the Hatha Yoga experience, to allow the connection to be moment to moment.  To find a continuity of attention that is powerful enough and a maturity not to follow the inner movements and thoughts.  To be guided from within from some inner force that doesn’t feel like one of your decisions.  To gain subtleness to recognise the quality of where you are moving from.  To suppress nothing and to rest behind the inner movement. To watch what we usually follow.  And not as a project, but an increasing recognition of that that IS.  ”To Know the Knower” as Sri Swami Satchidananda calls it.