Using the right tool for the job

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I heard an amazing teaching recently from Adyashanti who talked about using the right tool for the job.  The analogy was given in which we refer to our thoughts or feelings as if they were informing us about ourselves.  This is such a beautiful thing to consider and the essence of Yoga.  Somehow the identity seems to be ‘meshed’ into what we feel and what we think, as if our thoughts and feelings actually were an accurate representation of who we actually are.

In Yoga postures, through movement within an asana, we can use sensations in the beginning to help develop body awareness, honesty, sensitivity to the actual experience, and start to discover all the hidden motivations and agendas that sit behind the movement.  Through becoming focused into these sensations, we can ‘listen’ from a non judgemental place, and feel that the orientation and alignment is followed from the inside.

Through this approach of attuning to the sensations and ‘listening’ rather than instigating, this approach seems to be conducive to becoming quieter and subtler within an asana.  We may start to become aware of the way in which the identity assumes the form of what is thought and what is felt.  In the beginning of someones practice we may feel that we are ‘witnessing’ the experience.  As if there is a little more space to be aware of what is happening. Later we may feel that ‘witnessing’ isn’t something that we are ‘doing’ but more a Truth and a description of what Is.