Healing through Yoga

 In Healing

When we talk of healing, we can look at it from many levels.  Healing on one level could refer to the bodies natural repair and renewal mechanism.  Finding an environment in which the body can maintain all its functions well.  In deep relaxation for example, we can experience a profound healing where our conscious attention meets a depth within us.  When we gain a ‘witnessing perspective’ to our mind we see from a different angle, where we are not so ‘close’ to the drama playing itself out in the mind.  Sometimes and with grace, we enter deeper experiences, where the illusion of ourselves as an individual separate from the whole is seen for what it is.  Its through accessing and being awake to the deeper levels within us, does the more profound healing occur.  Even a glimpse can put a whole new structure in the mind and change how we relate to the world.  Hand in hand with deeper glimpses comes an un-doing of general and normal fears and insecurities that comes from a purely ego based existence.  Not that that is wrong, but all the false conclusions that the ego makes, all that it feels responsible for, all that it thinks needs to happen right down to how the world actually works starts to also be seen for the illusion that it is.