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  Welcome to classes in Bournemouth.  I offer a friendly and safe space to learn Yoga, dive deeper into Yoga as a path, or explore the journey of life whether framed through a human, scientific or spiritual lens. ” To me, learning or inner shifts happen in the potency of the field we create together.  This coupled with honest enquiry and a dedicated approach, opens the door to the richness of our own Being.

Having studied various aspects of yoga, I’ve opened  different classes so that we can give dedicated time to explore these branches in a deeper way.  You are welcome to come and try different classes to see what is useful to you.

Each class will have an on-line version and will be supported by a Foundation Course, and developmental material.  Explore the Courses

Hatha/Jnana Yoga

  Our classes use movement to explore many aspects of life/ourselves.  It’s a meditative approach that invites us to embody, listen/sense, become available, integrate, and explore at various depths within experience.   When we gather together with a curiosity and a quality of openness, there is a dynamic organic aliveness within the group that develops over time.  This seems to inform our well-being, learning, and inner growth.

  Within that, each explore just at the pace that is right for them.  It’s been my experience that as we gain deeper levels of trust and connection, we seem to have the confidence and capacity to dive deeper into things.  

  Topics include movement, traditional asana, connecting to the bodies intelligence, natural unwinding, and a meditative approach to form in the deeper sense.  In this class we will also enjoy Yoga Nidra ( Deep Relaxation) and an exploration of the breath in various ways.

Softening Through the Layers: Self-Study Groups

  These series of classes are a deep dive into more of the unconscious and unknown aspects of ourselves.  This class offers a variety of valuable tools in which to explore our experience through the lens of different systems.

  There is a branch of Yoga called Jnana, or Self-Knowledge, that points to the revealing and recognition of our essential nature.  It differs from knowing ourself more at the level of the personality, though there is also great value in this, and will be included in what we explore.

  As we have physical, psychological,  emotional and developmental parts of ourselves too (that have undergone its own unique set of experiences) we will look at the ‘Art of Resolution’ from a very human point of view, with the body and its feedback as a ground from which to explore.  

Groups in Bournemouth

Classes in Bournemouth


6.00-8.00pm. Please contact for availability.


6.00-8.00pm. Please contact for availability.
8.30-9.30pm Meditation Class Drop in Available


6.00-8.00pm. Please contact for availability.


Groups in Bournemouth

On-Line Classes

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A Relaxed Dedication:

    I don’t ask that people sign up for a year or anything like that.  Just month by month, and all are welcome to leave at any point.  I hope that we settle into a steady group, as I find that supports depth.  It seems that what people uncover through the classes is pretty unique to them, and many times not what I thought we were exploring which is fascinating to me.  It always surprises me that we study various topics, and our learning is different in all according to where we hear from and what we are needing at that point.

  My own path has deeply benefited from the various traditions I’ve studied with,  and then explored the various ‘sticking points’ within them for greater experiences of freedom and development.

  Current interests are around the path of deconstruction, no effort meditation, and the art of integration & true inner rest.  I’ve been a full-time yoga teacher for over 24 years now (not saying that’s worth anything)  If you’d like to come to class, then please message me.  Classes are 2 hours.

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