Colourfest 2017   31st May-3rd   Dorset

We are two full time yoga teachers/trainers of over 20 years, and our journey has inspired us to create a yoga and movement based festival that can inspire, uplift and celebrate depth in life through many art forms.

We gather artists, musicians and tutors from all over the globe who share this passion and who are skilled in their crafts.

Family friendly and drug & alcoholic free, we feel a 4 day event is best to relax and open to all Colourfest has to offer.  We open several areas that offer a variety of performances, classes, workshops and events.

Our program is rich and can be light and playful with theatrical performances, great music and crafts, or devotional and rich with yoga in its many forms.  We are lovers of movement and collaborate dance and free movement jams and dj sets, have a variety of workshops around yoga, the body and psychology of movement and early morning practices.  The jewel in the crown of the event is Satsang, a direct path to the heart of all things.

We offer a festival that can help connect us to ourselves, each other, our communities and our planet and can we hope to inspire more harmonious ways from where we can move, work, create and be with each other.