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Yoga Classes in Bournemouth. What to expect in a class:

The underlying class format will start with a short talk to inspire a particular learning, a settling meditation, the movement sequence, ( combination of flow and static of various rhythms ) deep rest, and respiratory and meditative practices leading to space for quiet.

The Multilevel Approach:

In my experience learning happens in so many ways and on so many levels it seems to do it an injustice to make distinctions between beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. Having said that a class of experienced movers will lend itself to more complex sequencing, less needed rest and a subtler inner orientation.  Still in any class there is usually such a range of capacities that a slower tempo with a progressive approach works well. It helps to hand back authority to the students sensitivity and capacity where all is honored, and with subtle instructions can accelerate learning or act as a signpost for a deeper sensitivity to come into conscious attention. The quality of the group environment, our head space, the sincerity of the practitioners and depth of the tutor can also help to support this.

Exchange and what to bring:

‘Drop in Classes £11 (doesn’t apply to gym classes who set their own charges)   Book 10 classes for £90 useable at my village hall classes and they don’t have to be consecutive.

Please bring mat and blanket and wear clothes that enable free movement in layers.

Try not to eat too close before class ( couple of hours ideal )



6.00-8.00pm Multilevel Yoga   29 chessel avenue, southbourne, BH5 1LQ     (Places Limited to 8 Please e-mail or call to book)  BOOK

8.10-10.00pm Multilevel Yoga   29 chessel avenue, southbourne, BH5 1LQ     (Places Limited to 8 Please e-mail or call to book)  BOOK


6.00-7.30pm Beginners Multilevel Yoga

Canford Cliffs village Hall, 17 Ravine Road BH13 7HT (map)

8.15-9.30  Pellhams Sports Centre Kinson


1.00pm-5.00pm Integral Yoga Teacher Training – Amethyst Cave

6.00pm-8.00pm Multilevel Yoga

St Lukes Church Hall, St Lukes Road, Winton BH3 7LY, (map)


6.00-8.00pm Yoga for Men  29 chessel avenue, southbourne, BH5 1LQ(Places Limited so Please e-mail or call to book)

8.15-9.30pm Meditation Class  29 chessel avenue, southbourne, BH5 1LQ (Places Limited so Please e-mail or call to book)

Please don’t ring the bell, just come in quietly and wait in the hall for the yoga to close.   Thank You


8.45-9.45 Intermediate Multilevel yoga

DW Sports Centre Upper Parkstone (members only) (map)

Personalise your experience with a 1-2-1 private session

I am offering private 1-2-1 sessions.  In my experience sometimes direct attention with an individual can bring an opening and a shift of perspective that can be of great benefit. In the past I have seen the effects of a personal session and how the student then integrates that into future classes.  I give this great value as it serves as an opportunity for discussion and feedback that may not feel possible in a class environment. These sessions can be focused specifically into the class perspective, or more of an understanding of how Yoga philosophy brings an opening into the normal activities in life. These sessions can be movement based but can also take the format of a dialogue which can also be useful in clarifying.

Session Length

1 hour and a half ……… £45


The Art of Yoga


Learning about your Self through the body

Some Thoughts About the Classes


Beginners Development

Students immediately start to receive the benefits of a Yoga class through the sequences of postures, breath and meditation.  The basic sequence provides a groundwork for more complex asanas, (postures) a healthier body, an increase in efficiency in how the body is used, and the capacity to relax and rejuvenate.  It is suitable for both beginners and improvers.

Intermediate Development

There is more flow;  less rest is needed, and more of a meditative quality is starting to develop. There is more integration of asana with the breath.  Students are starting to become aware that there are different qualities of energy present within them and what they choose to follow has a big impact on this quality.

Advanced Development

The asanas deepen in complexity, and so does the mental attitude in relationship to the asana.  The student is in a listening awareness and follows and responds rather than leads.  The maturity of the asana turns from the physical to more subtler levels of quietness and inner movement.  There is also more flow in the first part of the class, and a moving meditation in encouraged during a more challenging and strengthening sequence.  There are usually many shifts of attention and in what’s important to the persona from the building of ideas into a real explorative interest into the nature of who and what we actually are.

Structured v’s Unstructured:

There is a beautiful play between structured learning and intuitive free form. In many cases having a structure is useful and needed as it provides a set of rules and signposts in which to then learn and explore.

As the structure provides a basis for a deeper listening, the students learn to adapt the class tempo to suit their own rhythm. They then find that within the structure there is much space for intuitive repositioning as they start to follow more refined inner experiences and alignments.


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